Tonight: We’re releasing our maps!

Join us virtually tonight (RSVP to receive the zoom link via email) as we release our proposed maps for SC Congressional, Senate, and House Districts! We’ll also discuss our process and give the latest update on legislative redistricting. You’ll leave prepared to evaluate maps that the legislature proposes, and advocate for fair maps!

Legislators are hard at work on the redistricting process, which must happen every ten years following the census to ensure even population distribution across districts. In South Carolina, legislators get to draw their own districts — as well as Congressional districts — a process that many wish was in the hands of an independent, nonpartisan commission. What types of maps will the legislature produce when they reconvene? (Speaking of which – when are they going to reconvene??)

The League of Women Voters, in consultation with their nonpartisan Redistricting Advisory Committee, will be submitting a set of maps to the legislature for consideration, and we’d love for you to see them first.

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